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We help Acute, Post-Acute and Long-Term Care providers to engage with their teams with purpose and full compliance to deliver quality care to patients and their families.

CAREASCEND Helps Care Teams in Multiple Ways.

CareAscend is for YOU, if you are a:

Chief Compliance Officer

Maintaining compliance in financial transactions with the physicians is one of the high-risk areas.

CAREASCEND assures that all team members are on the same page regarding critical issues such as Medical Director reimbursement, reporting of hours and payment of services. Automated reporting will assure that Medical Director services are reported properly, timely and accurately.

CAREASCEND generates all PBJ reports and keeps you audit ready always, saving thousands of hours of staff efforts to collect, organize Medical Director administrative task information. CAREASCEND helps in creating a culture of accuracy and safety from compliance point of view.

Chief Medical Officer

CMOs struggle to provide oversight, mentorship and guidance to many physician leaders.

CAREASCEND keeps up to date with the activities being performed by all physician leaders and provides simple solutions to educate and guide them to improve care quality.

CAREASCEND helps you attain highest quality measures and CMS ratings by solving day to day communication challenges between your facility leaders.

Medical Director

CAREASCEND provides you the application platform to achieve excellence in post-acute leadership and success. Our unique application will provide you the most cutting-edge approach to documenting your impact and efforts to enhance quality and to get the necessary resources.

CAREASCEND makes task-reporting hassle free and generates automatic reports to Accounts Payable for prompt payments and to Compliance department for easy submission of PBJ reports to CMS.

Healthcare Administrator

With our patients getting more complex and with increased healthcare expectations, the role of physician leaders you consult with, was never more important.

Unfortunately, many Medical Directors fail to engage with their teams due to two most common reasons: Lack of understanding of the Medical Director role, and lack of communication these roles with the administrators and other healthcare leaders. With dwindling healthcare reimbursements, CAREASCEND will improve the ROI on Medical Director expenses. Better engagement with Medical Director, ensures highest quality care for the patients!.

CAREASCEND formalizes the role of medical director and aligns her/him with the specific needs of the facility and your patients.

Ready to ascend to new levels of Quality Care and Teamwork?