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Medical Directorship Compliance

Protect your organization and medical directors from compliance risks and large legal fines by setting up formal structures for medical director administrative roles.

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OSHA Respiratory protection program

Reduce stress of your frontline teams and workforce disruptions by burdensome OSHA regulations for Fit Testing by automating the whole process to be completed within a few minutes.

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Team Engagement & Performance feedback

Reduce burnout and enhance team engagement and communication by facilitating meaningful and timely exchange of feedback between team members, including the medical director.

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Knowledge dissemination

Improve clinical competences & outcomes by sharing knowledge with various team members to promote learning.

Medical Directorship Compliance

Protect your organization and medical directors from compliance risks and very large legal fines by setting up formal structures for medical director administrative roles.

For any healthcare provider organization, financial transactions with the physicians are one of, if not, the most high-risk areas.

Medical Directors are facing novel legal risks for regulatory compliance, professional liability and careless communication habits.

In order to maintain compliance, health care providers not only have to enter into transactions with physicians, that are at Fair Market Value and address community need, but they also have to ensure going forward that the physicians are meeting the terms of the contract.

Besides making the contract terms available at their fingertips, CAREASCEND nudges medical directors to complete assigned duties, meet the minimum number of administrative leadership hours, and then complete and submit timesheets within a timely manner, while assuring that they are not exceeding the contractual caps for payment. CAREASCEND integrates these invoices with your accounts payable system seamlessly.

CAREASCEND stores all timesheets and assures that they are available on-demand for future audits. The Payroll-Based Journal Report required by CMS is available at anytime in CAREASCEND.

CAREASCEND adds value to many team members:


OSHA requires employers to develop a site-specific Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) if employees are required to use respirators in performing their job. This requirement has added several complex burdens on healthcare teams.

CAREASCEND takes care of these burdens by offering a fully customizable, streamlined and automated workflow process to get employee medical evaluations completed, required before completing Fit testing


  • Workers must have a medical evaluation first using a mandatory medical questionnaire or an equivalent method.
  • Workers must also be fit tested before wearing a respirator in the workplace.

These requirements are extremely burdensome and can be expensive. Not complying with these requirements can result in serious penalties.

CAREASCEND has developed the first ever skilled nursing facility-based automation of OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation process. Every step of this workflow has been created to satisfy the needs of busy skilled nursing facility staff and administrators. This automated process complies with all requirements set forth by the of the OSHA guidelines and is efficient and cost-effective.


  • Create an efficient workflow that allows new and current hires to complete the required OSHA respiratory evaluation online and proceed to timely fit testing.
  • Streamline the timely input of medical providers for online approval of medical evaluations or to recommend further consultations, if needed.
  • Ensure confidentiality of employee’s medical information at all times, as required by the OSHA rules. Access, and any relevant actions within the CAREASCEND system, are permitted based on clearly defined roles.


Lack of timely dissemination of knowledge to improve competencies will result in poor care quality and compliance.


Education & Training

We have created several customizable modules for your organization’s educational and training needs.


  • Empowers teams by actionable knowledge dissemination of care at the frontlines
  • 5-7 minute structured information (Text, PDF, Video, Audio etc.)
  • Rolls up to 1 hour CME credit
  • Pre & post test question and evaluation question after each GeriByte™
  • Track actionable techniques to be implemented later
  • Interdisciplinary Idea Board for each Facility

Education/Orientation Module

  • Bring your own content model
  • Easy to create and maintain your content into Phases and Steps
  • Supports content in multiple formats (Text, PDF, Video, Audio etc.)
  • Supports Pre and Post Test after each Module/Phase/Step
  • Assign each module to one role or multiple roles
  • Track progress and improve compliance through push notification reminders
Best practice

Best Practice of the Week

  • “Best Practice of the Week” feature
  • Geriality™ - A monthly geriatric focused publication from Dr. Arif Nazir, CMO of Signature HealthCARE that highlights key, recent evidence-based literature related to the care of frail post-acute and long-term care patients.


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