McKnight’s Gold Award fits nicely for Signature HealthCARE

September 14, 2023

Endless paperwork can strike fear into the hearts of many healthcare professionals. At Signature HealthCARE, it came in the form of OSHA fit-testing protocols. To combat the inefficiency of the traditional testing procedure, Signature worked with CareAscend to create a unique digital process that allows staff and the medical practitioners to electronically expedite the medical evaluation and fit-testing process.

Their efforts were rewarded when they secured the Gold Award in the Keep it Super Simple category in the Skilled Nursing track of the 2022 McKnight’s Tech Awards. 

CareAscend’s digital process has had a significant, positive impact on Signature HealthCARE’s facility time-management and OSHA fit-testing record-keeping operations. The digital fit testing process allows staff to complete the required OSHA fit test medical evaluation form electronically through the CareAscend App. The App then securely sends the completed medical evaluation form to the facility’s medical director (or designated practitioner) along with an electronic notification that review is needed. After review, staff is either approved for fit testing and use of a N95 mask, or referred to another consultant for further evaluation. This saved staff many hours, if not days. 

“At Signature HealthCARE we always are exploring ways to respond to new challenges in a way such that we can better the engagement of our staff so we can provide higher quality care,” said chief medical officer Arif Nazir, “The CareAscend solution to medical evaluations for Fit testing is an example of our innovative thinking and of course, this award is a huge validation of our efforts.”

The other winners in the Building Bridges category of the Skilled Nursing track were:

  • Advanced Healthcare Solutions, of Arlington, TX, won the Silver Award for its use of Smart Meter RPM.
  • United Church Homes, of Marion, OH, earned Bronze for its use of SAIVA artificial intelligence software.

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